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Nicotine Urine Test Panel

Nicotine Urine Test Panel
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Smoke check is a simple and quick 1 step nicotine testing solution. Its simple and effective, and administering it is easy! When you smoke any tobacco products, nicotine will attach itself to your fat. Slowly releasing into your blood stream, making it possible to detect up to 75 days after smoking. The tests work by detecting nicotine metabolites.


Getting familiar with the test:

Both the test line (T) and the control line (C) should appear in the
viewing window. The control line (C) indicates proper performance of
the device. The test line intensity may be weaker or stronger than
that of the control line.

When is the test positive?
Only one colored line appears in the control line region (C). No
colored line appears in the test line region (T).

When is the test invalid?
No colored line appears in the control region. Under no circumstances
should a positive result be identified unless the control line (C)
appears in the viewing area. If the control line (C) does not appear,
the test result is invalid and the assay should be repeated.

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