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Omni Hair Follicle Shampoo Detox Cleanser

Omni Hair Follicle Shampoo Detox Cleanser
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Omni Detox Hair Follicle Shampoo is a powerful hair detox solution. The potent formula will cleanse all contaminates from your hair. The shampoo has been put through many trials and performed admirably, proving itself to be the best in the market.


Your hair shafts and follicles will be completely clear of any contaminates or toxins. Everything is super concentrated and comes in a 1oz bottle. If you have longer hair, past shoulder length, you will need at least 2 bottles. There are many enemies for your hair, including marijuana, alcohol, drugs, or even outdoor pollutants! Revitalize your hair using the Omni Detox Hair Follicle Shampoo!

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