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Total Brilliance Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo

Total Brilliance Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo
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Our Total Brilliance Hair Follicle shampoo was designed by our team of hair care professionals to remove even extreme levels of toxins from your hair.It cleanses deep, to remove any foreign contaminates from your hair. Removes THC Meth Cocaine Prescription drugs and all other toxins.

  • Will cleanse any levels of marijuana or other toxins from your hair.

  • Cleanses everything in the hair follicle and the shaft.

  • Completely Undetectable.

  • Uses the best in natural ingredients!

  • Works on any hair on your body including body hair!

  • 4oz of hair detox solution.

  • The instructions included are easy to follow.

  • Developed by team of professionals.

  • Potent hair cleansing solution.

  • The formula is potent enough, even to remove skunk spray, oil, grease and chlorine!

  • 100% guaranteed to work!

It is a smart idea to cleanse your body from contaminates before using our hair detox solution. This is because contaminates from your body can eventually make it into your hair.

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