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Test Pass Detox Value Pack For Extreme Levels

Test Pass Detox Value Pack For Extreme Levels
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The first true full body detox drink is here! Test Pass is your key to passing your drug test. Its meant for people who are over 200 lbs, and need a lot of toxins flushed from your body. It is a long lasting solution that works in as little as an hour! This detox value pack comes with everything you need to clean out your system and ensure that you will pass that drug test! Its the first of its kind in the market today!

It even includes a THC home test so that you can be 100% sure that it is working before heading out to have your test done. It works for any drug test, marijuana cocaine meth opiates etc.

The full kit includes: 
Kit contains: 1 (16 oz) Test Pass Maximum Strength, 1 Chewable Tablet,
1 single panel (THC) home test kit, complete instructions.

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