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Clear Flush™ Total Body Purifier Capsules

Clear Flush™ Total Body Purifier Capsules
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Clear flush Capsules are an effective solution to permanent eliminate toxins from the body. If you have a heavy amount of toxins in your body, or have a large body type, then Clear Flush capsules will leave you toxin free for up to five hours! The capsules contain a safe, natural cleansing detox solution that works. Whats more the detox comes with a Guarantee! The formula is fast acting, and will help cleanse your entire body, that means your blood, saliva and urine!

  • Each bottle contains detailed instructions, and is double sealed for your protection.

  • The formula has been proven effective. Every bottle has an expiration date, for safety.

  • Starts working in as little as one hour!

  • Whats more is the Formula doesn't simply mask the toxins, it ELIMINATES them!

  • If you follow the instructions, we'll guarantee it'll work!

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